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Plumeria Swimwear: Our Story


Originally from Québec, Gabrielle Cimon was trained in theatrical costume and set design. She loved to travel from a young age, and the beach has always been her favorite destination. Constantly aydreaming of warmer weather (which probably had something to do with the harsh Canadian winters), Gabrielle started imagining a swimwear line that could be created for those who, like her, longed to spend their days in the sun and by the water – but who were also interested in feeling sexy and being comfortable at the same time.

 And so Plumeria Swimwear was born.

Founded by Gabrielle, the swimwear line is named after her favorite tropical flower. Plumeria flowers, which are most fragrant in the evening, are a symbol of life and fertility in some cultures. It is no surprise that this alluring flower has become associated with sexuality, just like it is no wonder that it was the name of choice for such a sensual, fresh, and distinctive swimwear line. The flower is commonly found in Costa Rica, where Gabrielle now lives with her family. And, much like the diversity in Costa Rica, where you can sit on the white sands of Playa Blanca (one of Gabrielle’s favourite beaches) and watch the wild Scarlet macaws fly and the white-faced capuchin monkeys play, Plumeria Swimwear has a variety of different designs, suitable for all different kinds of bodies.


Plumeria Swimwear made their debut on Instagram in 2013. Incorporating size inclusivity in their campaigns was one of their main objectives in 2022 as their marketing grew beyond social media platforms. The brand is still thriving after eight years and continues to create fair trade, eco-friendly swimwear by sourcing materials from all over the world. It goes without saying that protecting our planet’s bodies of water is very important to Gabrielle, who continuous advocates for the elimination of single-use plastics. Plumeria’s commitment to sustainability will make you even more confident in our swimwear.


With unique designs that carve a woman’s body and highlight her features, Plumeria is no stranger to accentuating femininity while maintaining the feeling of a second skin. We draw inspiration from different cultures and hidden beaches, but also from listening to what women want. With skillful attention to detail, our pieces are crafted with the intention of highlighting your features and inspiring confidence. Comfort and feeling at ease in our pieces are also important to us. Your clothing is an expression of your personality, so why should your swimwear be any different? Whether you're a beach bum or a poolside lounger, we’ve got something in our extensive collection to suit any woman’s personality and body type.


Ever expanding, Plumeria’s is constantly tackling the varying needs of women. We’ve expanded by offering full coverage and plenty of support to those who need it, while still creating selections for those who want cheeky bottoms or plunging necklines. Whatever your preferences are, the options are endless. New designs as well as fan favorites are always being created with the varying sizes and tastes of our clientele in mind.


Not only that, but Plumeria has branched out since its conception to create lingerie and sportswear. We want to empower women outside of the water as well! The concept is still the same as with our swimwear – great designs that work well with a woman’s figure, still made with eco friendly fabric.

Plumeria’s Mission Statement:


We create ethical, luxury swimwear at affordable prices for every woman because we believe that life is not just better in the sun, but best when enjoyed in thoughtful, artful pieces that expresses an woman’s femininity and individuality and doesn’t compromise style, comfort or quality.



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