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Meet The Designer

My passion for swimwear started with my love of travel.When you’re living in a bikini,you realize you need the right bikini forthe right event ... like a dress.

Growing up in the cold and harsh climate of Canada, Gabrielle didn’t know she was poor until later whenshe realized she was alwaystold ‘no’ when asking for the newest clothing styles.

She would go with her Grandmother to seek out Vogue patterns for the latest fashions and then they would make her clothes at home. Always wanting something different, she would research which textiles could be substituted to create the look she wanted.

It was at this moment that her love of fashion, design and textiles started.

As she grew older, she yearned to live on the beaches of Mallorca, Ibiza, LA...anywhere that was warm andsunny, to escape snowy Canada.That’s when she started traveling.

As she lived the beachy lifestyle in these amazing places, she was frustrated by the lack of swimwear choices. To capture the sexy vibe she was seeking, she went to Adult Stores to find the types of styles she had imagined.

Realizing this wasn’t how swimwear shopping should be, Gabrielle went back to her roots of design, fabricknowledge and sewing.

On a trip to Costa Rica, she saw the beautiful Plumeria flower. It became the inspiration for the whole company. To her, the plumeria symbolized freedom anda “forever summer” lifestyle.

With her vast travels to beaches across the globe, Gabrielle understands the differences for swimwearneeds based on what you’re doingand your lifestyle needs.

For example, as a surfer, she knows from personal experience thatbikini “X” would not work in the highwaves of Costa Rica, but would be perfect for Ibiza, where there are no waves.

When designing, she takes into consideration what notions to include, how her design will accentuate awoman’s curves and whichsuit would be perfect for tanning, lounging poolside, water sports or even family events.

Gabrielle believes that her swimwear is about enhancing your lifestyle, and your curves.

When she's not playing with her son in the sand or surfing the Pacific with her husband, she's designing her next swimwear collection inspired by the hidden beaches of Costa Rica, which she now calls home.



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